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LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Achieves 10,000 Supporters

Overnight, Brent Waller once again has achieved 10,000 supporters on LEGO Ideas with his Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man project. This will be Brent’s third project to go to the review stage including the Batmobile Tumbler Minifig Scale and Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary which eventually became the Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108).

The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is essentially a large scale build of Gozer’s physical manifestation which towers over buildings and minifigures. The model stands at 13 inches high and contains around 1800 pieces at its current state.

The project joins Brick-Built Adventure Time Figures, Caterham Super Seven, the Modular Library, Lothlorien, and LEGO Physics as the ones eligible to be reviewed by the LEGO Jury for a chance to become an official set.


LEGO Dimenions Ghostbusters Expansion Packs Announced

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Level Pack (71228)

Today at Gamescom, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has revealed some new LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters expansion packs including a Level Pack (71228) and some Fun Packs (71233) and (71241). For the Level Pack, you get a Peter Venkman minifigure along with the Ecto-1 and a Ghost Trap. For one of the Fun Packs, you get a Stay Puft minifigure with a brick-built Terror Dog and the other Fun Pack consists of a Slimer minifigure with a Slime Shooter. Also check out some gameplay stills below.

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Fun Pack (71233)

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Fun Pack (71241)

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters

**Via Promo Bricks**


Ghostbusters Peter Venkman Minifigure Confirmed for LEGO Dimensions

A few weeks ago, I reported that there were some new licenses that were announced for LEGO Dimensions including Ghostbusters and Midway Arcades. At E3, it’s been confirmed that we’ll be getting a Ghostbusters Peter Venkman minifigure with a new hair pieces as well as some arm printing with the No Ghost patch. If you have the LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108), you would know that the minifigures in that set do not have any arm printing so it’s nice to see that the LEGO Dimensions version will have some. We’ll see in the near future if the other Ghostbusters members will also be included in Dimensions as well as the rumored Slimer minifigure.

Also check out IGN’s interview with Jon Katz from WB Interactive Entertainment and Mark Warburton from TT Games to see Peter in action in LEGO Dimensions.

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Peter Venkman

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Peter Venkman

LEGO Dimensions Ghostbusters Peter Venkman

**Via Instagram via Eurobricks**


New Licenses Announced for LEGO Dimensions Including Ghostbusters and Midway Arcade

LEGO Dimensions

Warner Bros. today has announced two new IPs that will be joining LEGO Dimensions in the near future including Ghostbusters and Midway Arcade. Although there’s no mentioning of which Ghostbusters character will be included in the game, many readers have guessed that Slimer would be one of them. What’s really surprising is the Midway Arcade license because there are so many classic arcade characters that can be included. Again, there’s no mention of which of the characters will be added but my guess would be Paperboy or George, Lizzie, or Ralph from Rampage because those two games seem to fit in the best with LEGO Dimensions.

WB has also revealed a new trailer called Build Rebuild featuring various vehicles that are able to be rebuilt into other vehicles to be used in the game. Each vehicle or gadget will have three different builds.

Check out the full press release and the Rebuild trailer as well as some new screenshots of them game below.

LEGO® Dimensions™ to Include The Simpsons™, Doctor Who, Ghostbusters™, Portal®, Jurassic World™, Midway Arcade, LEGO® Chima ™ and Scooby Doo! ™

Every LEGO Vehicle and Gadget Can Be Physically Built, Rebuilt, and Re-Rebuilt Into Different Objects for Massive Variety

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment confirmed today that LEGO Dimensions, the upcoming entertainment experience that merges physical brick building with interactive console gameplay, will include gameplay from The Simpsons™, Doctor Who,Ghostbusters™, Portal®, Jurassic World™, Midway Arcade, LEGO® Chima™ and Scooby Doo! ™ These fan favourite worlds, most of which have never before been in a


LEGO Ghostbusters MOCs by Brent Waller

LEGO Ideas Ghostbusters Ecto-1 (21108)

Brent Waller over on 1980s Something has done a video showing off all his LEGO builds pertaining to everything Ghostbusters and details for each of the builds. First off is his rendition of the Temple of Gozer which is the last scene of the first movie. It shows the Ghostbusters facing off against Gozer with the Terror Dogs on each side of the building.

The next is a 48×48 mosaic of the No Ghost logo. Nothing too fancy but it is impressive nonetheless.

Next is the original 1959 Cadillac that was bought by Ray Stantz for $4,800 which eventually turned into the Ecto-1. It is a pretty much a color swap from the official Ecto-1 set and some minor changes to the chassis.

After that, Brent showed off the Ecto-1a which was the vehicle from Ghostbusters II and it was a modification of the official set with some changes on the top and the sides of the car. He has provided the LDD file for it if you want to make your own.

The next version of the Ecto-1 is the official one but he added model train flashing lights to it to give the car some more flair.

Up next is Brent’s original Ecto-1 and minifigures that he had submitted on LEGO CUUSOO/Ideas.

The final version of the Ecto-1 that Brent has build was the one that he created when he was 10 years old. It has the classic 80’s vehicle look that the older generation of builders remember.

The next build that Brent … Continue

LEGO CUUSOO Ghostbusters Achieve 10000 Supporters

The Ghostbusters project by TeeKay has become the second project based on the film this month to reach 10000 supporters on LEGO CUUSOO. The project also becomes the 6th project to qualify for the 2013 Fall Review phase and joins the Female Minifigure Set, the ATLAS Mini Model, FTL: Faster Than Light, the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary project, and Poptropica: Dr. Hare’s Lair for the Fall review.

TeeKay’s version of the project features Ecto-1 and the four Ghostbusters with accessories. Ghostbusters was started on January 12, 2012 and had been going steady but has been recently climbing up the ranks of supported projects on CUUSOO. This will also mark the first time that two projects with similar concept ideas will face off during the review stage joining Brent Waller’s Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary project. Both creators were respectful of each other’s projects and have even talked about combining the projects and splitting the royalties. LEGO CUUSOO Community Manager Tim Courtney also has chimed in:

This is a first for us – two very similar concepts based on an IP in one review batch. While we don’t know what the outcome will be in the review, we’re all really happy to see both of you showing such a collaborative and cooperative spirit throughout the process. You should be proud of your exemplary leadership in this creative community. Now, good luck on the home stretch, TeeKay!

There’s still a few more days before the Fall Review deadline and the Macross VF-1 Valkyrie also has a chance to … Continue

LEGO Ghostbusters Headquarters by Orion Pax

Ghostbusters HQ

I don’t usually feature MOCs but if I do, Orion Pax’s name will probably show up more in the future. World-renowned LEGO genius, Orion Pax, has recreated the famous Hook & Ladder 8 fire station used in the Ghostbusters movies, and as usual, with a high degree of detail. The MOC shows many little details from the movies including the traps and the storage facility in the basement. Not to be overshadowed by the headquarters, Orion has also recreated the most realistic Ecto 1 vehicle I’ve ever seen. He states that the whole project took many, many hours of planning and about 2 months to build. Click on each photo to see a higher resolution. Also take a look at Orion’s page for more of his MOCs.

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