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LEGO Seasonal 2017 Halloween Set First Look


The LEGO Seasonal 2017 Easter Egg Hunt (40237) has started to show up at LEGO Stores and on the back of the instructions, it shows this year’s LEGO Seasonal Halloween set. From the looks of it, the set shows off a large gate and in the background, there’s presumably a haunted house with an orange sky backdrop. There’s also a cauldron with some food stuff in it. The minifigures include a man and a skeleton. It’s cool to have an early look at the set although we won’t be released until September/October. So far this year, these Seasonal sets have been very promising compared to last year’s sets.

**Via LegoLeroy on Eurobricks**


LEGO Seasonal Halloween Vampire and Bat (40203) Review

LEGO Seasonal Halloween Vampire and Bat (40203)

LEGO has been traditionally releasing Seasonal sets for some of the major events that happen throughout the year and 2016 hasn’t changed. For 2016, LEGO has already released the Vampire and Bat (40203)icon which retails for the usual $9.99 and has 150 pieces. As with all the 2016 Seasonal sets, you have the character builds opposed to the more popular vignette sets from last year. The contents of the box include three un-numbered bags and the instructions.


Official LEGO Halloween Costumes Sneak Peek

Last year, I reported there would be some official LEGO Halloween costumes coming out later this year by local costume company, Disguise. Although it’s still early in the year, it looks like there was a sneak peek at a couple of the costumes from the New York Toy Fair last month by FamilyGamer TV.

In their video, they showed off a costume of Clay Moorington from LEGO Nexo Knights and Lloyd Garmadon from LEGO Ninjago. The costumes look to be made out of the soft cloth and foam while the masks are plastic with a transparent mesh for the eyes.

There’s no other costumes shown but we now know there will be at least three themes for the costumes including Nexo Knights, Ninjago, and Mixels. The LEGO costumes from Disguise are scheduled to be available at retailers in fall 2016.

Thanks to Jenn for the heads up.


LEGO Seasonal Halloween Trick or Treat (40122) Set Image Found

LEGO Seasonal Halloween Trick or Treat (40122)

(1)Stein over on Eurobricks has revealed the new LEGO Seasonal Halloween Trick or Treat (40122) set. The set features a small vignette with a small black tree and a trick or treater. From first impressions, it doesn’t look as the Valentine’s Day Dinner (40120) or the Painting Easter Eggs (40121) sets but I’ll still try to pick it up nonetheless. It’ll be available at LEGO Stores and on Shop@Home in September for $9.99. They might even show up at LEGO Stores earlier so if you want one of these sets, you have to act fast because these little exclusive sets tend to sell out pretty quickly.

LEGO Seasonal Halloween Trick or Treat (40122)


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