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LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig (75979) Available for Pre-Order on [email protected]

For some strange reason, LEGO is now allowing pre-orders for the LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig (75979). The 630 piece set features Harry’s owl that has flapping wings when you turn the gear. The set doesn’t release until August 1 but you can secure it today. It also qualifies you for the LEGO Creative Fun 12-in-1 if you make a purchase of $85 or more.

Bring the magical personality and elegant movement of Hedwig™, the celebrated snowy owl from the Harry Potter™ movies, to life. The collectible LEGO® Harry Potter Hedwig (75979) display toy offers a rewarding building experience and looks magnificent on show.

Buildable Hedwig the owl with ‘flying’ wings
With a wingspan of over 13” (34cm), this 630-piece brick-build model shows Hedwig in flight, delivering an important letter. Once the build is complete, a turn of a handle causes the jointedwings to move gracefully up and down. The collectible model stands on a sturdy base with a detachable LEGO Harry Potter minifigure and another, smaller, Hedwig the owl toy with wings spread open.

Collectible Harry Potter toys – great Christmas or birthday gifts
If you’re looking for a cool gift or popular buildable model for kids or Harry Potter fans of any age, the range of LEGO Harry Potter toys are sure to provide endless magical pleasure.

• Harry Potter™ fans will be captivated by the collectible LEGO® Hedwig™ (75979) toy. The model includes impressive detail and a mechanism that makes the jointed wings move gracefully up and down.
• This authentic toy shows


Two New LEGO Avengers & Harry Potter Accessory Sets Coming Soon

40419 and 40419 minifigure packs

Brickset has revealed some new LEGO Minifigure Accessory Sets that will be available starting on June 1 including Avengers and Harry Potter. Since they are licensed sets, I’m guessing they will retail for $14.99 each. The Avengers Minifigure Set (40418) has 60 pieces and it includes minifigures of Falcon, Black Widow, and two A.I.M. agent along with a six round stud shooter.

40419 and 40419 minifigure packs

The other one is the LEGO Harry Potter Minifigure Accessory Set (40419) and it will have 53 pieces. It includes minifigs of Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Hannah Abbot, and Cho Chang, each representing a character from each house of Hogwarts.

40419 and 40419 minifigure packs


LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2020 Sets Officially Announced

LEGO has officially announced the summer 2020 wave of LEGO Harry Potter sets that will be coming out on August 1 in the US and other parts of the world on June 1. They will also be able to be pre-ordered on April 30 in select regions. There will be six sets in the wave that encompass the various movies in the franchise. Check out the press release and all the sets below.

New LEGO® Harry Potter™ Wizarding World sets unveiled.

Today, the LEGO Group and Warner Bros. Consumer Products have revealed a new range of enchanting playsets for fans of the Wizarding World. Packed to the brim with delight and mystery, these captivating playsets will help bring the Wizarding World to life in a way that only LEGO play can do.

Featuring well-known characters, creatures and locations familiar to every would-be Hogwarts student in waiting, the new LEGO sets help young builders create adventures of their own. The sets provide opportunities for endless fun as fans help Harry, Ron, Hermione and their faithful friends reenact beloved moments from the films.

These new LEGO sets will enable fans of the Wizarding World to explore Hogwarts in a new and exciting way. They can discover the entrance to The Room of Requirement, lure Professor Umbridge to the Forbidden Forest, gatecrash the Ravenclaw dormitory and explore the Hogwarts Astronomy Tower.

And the adventures extend beyond the Hogwarts theme…through their play, fans will be able to release Harry from the cupboard under the stairs at 4 Privet Drive, send


LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (71028) Rumored Partial List

There are now rumored details of some of the characters for LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures Series 2 (71028). Like with the previous series the minifigures are based on various versions of the characters from the whole Harry Potter franchise.

• Professor Pomona Sprout with mandrake
• Luna Lovegood with lion hat
• Professor Albus Dumbledore – Chamber of Secrets version with Fawkes
• Kingsley Shacklebolt
• Neville Longbottom with the Monster Book of Monsters
• Bellatrix Lestrange in prison outfit
• Harry Potter with Advanced Potion-Making
• Moaning Myrtle
• Griphook

There will 16 minifigures to collect for the Series 2 LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures so it’ll be interesting to see who else will be included in this wave. It is also reported that it will be available in September. As always, this is only a rumor until LEGO announces it so there’s a chance it could be a fake.


LEGO Harry Potter Magical Treasury: A Visual Guide to the Wizarding World Tom Riddle Exclusive Minifigure Revealed

Amazon has updated their product listing for the upcoming LEGO Harry Potter Magical Treasury: A Visual Guide to the Wizarding World to include more images and it reveals the exclusive minifigure that will be coming with the book. The additional pages show that the minifigure will be Tom Riddle from The Chamber of Secrets in which he will be wearing his Hogwarts uniform. I think this is a good minifigure considering that this is only the second Tom Riddle minifigure for the LEGO Harry Potter line and an updated version of him. The book itself will be available in July but you can pre-order it now for $21.99 with the pre-order price guarantee.


LEGO Harry Potter Summer 2020 Rumored Set List

In the past few days, there are some new rumors of the summer 2020 wave of LEGO Harry Potter sets. The wave will be fairly large with a wide variety of sets based on scenes from the Harry Potter movies. Like always these are rumors until LEGO announces them or they show up online at a verified retailer.

Room of Requirement (75966) – Order of the Phoenix
Forbidden Forest (75967) – Order of the Phoenix
Escape From Privet Drive (75968) – Chamber of Secrets
Astronomy Tower (75969) – Half-Blood Prince
Buidable Hedwig (75979)
LEGO Harry Potter 2020 Advent Calendar
LEGO Harry Potter Collectible Minifigures Series 2

**Via Promobricks**


LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75964) Amazon Sale – January 2020

Now that Christmas is over, Amazon has the LEGO 2019 Advent Calendars on sale but the most notable one is the LEGO Harry Potter Advent Calendar (75964). It is on sale for 25% off the regular price or about $10 off. You can either save it for this year to open for Advent or use the set for parts. Either way, a deal is a deal and this sale price should have been the original price for the licensed advent calendars.

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