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LEGO 2013 Summer Sets Now Available on [email protected]

If you’ve been waiting for the LEGO Summer 2013 sets to be available, the wait is over. Quite a few sets from different themes have been released and are now available on [email protected]icon. Remember that you can get a FREE Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone (30167) polybag with purchases of $50 or more until May 31st. You can also get FREE shipping with purchases of $75 or more until June 15th.

LEGO Castle

LEGO Castle makes their return in 2013 after the Kingdoms theme was discontinued last year. This year’s theme will feature the Blue Lion Knights versus the Red Dragon Knights.



LEGO City expands on the line with a couple more sets so far. So far, the sets that are just released focuses mainly on the water aspect of City. There will be more sets being released as summer rolls closer.


LEGO Creator

The LEGO Creator sets also have a couple of sets releasing in the summer wave. Like with other Creator sets, these will also have three different alternative builds.


LEGO Galaxy Squad


LEGO Castle Minisite Coming in June

LEGO Castle Minisite

As you can see from the image above, there will be a new LEGO Castle minisite coming next month. Right now, you can play a Castle minigame if you go to the temporary site. The object of the game is to collect gems, coins, fruits, and other items to earn higher points and to avoid hazards like sword-wielding enemies, rocks, and falling trees. Thanks to Rucifeld for the heads up.


LEGO Castle Sets Showing Up in Toys R Us Stores?

Castle sets on the shelves

The return of the LEGO Castle sets may be sooner than you think. According to Brickset, a worker at a Colorado Toys R Us store has seen the sets already on the shelves. If this is true, then the release date has been pushed up considerably since we were expecting them later on in the year. You may want to take a little trip down to your local Toys R Us stores to see if they’re on the shelves yet.


LEGO Castle Official Images

The official high resolution images of the new LEGO Castle sets have surfaced. We’ve already seen these sets from the New York Toy Fair but it’s nice to finally see the official images. The sets are expected to be released in August 2013.

LEGO Castle Forest Ambush (70400) LEGO Castle Forest Ambush (70400)

Forest Ambush (70400)

LEGO Castle The Gatehouse Raid (70402) LEGO Castle The Gatehouse Raid (70402)

The Gatehouse Raid (70402)

LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain (70403) LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain (70403)

Dragon Mountain (70403)

LEGO Castle King's Castle (70404) LEGO Castle King's Castle (70404)

King’s Castle (70404)


LEGO Castle Set Images from ToyArk

LEGO Castle is back and makes their appearance at the 2013 New York Toy Fair. Below are images that ToyArk has taken.

Forest Ambush (70400)


New York Toy Fair 2013 LEGO Set Images From YourCreativeFriends

The 2013 New York Toy Fair has kicked off and YourCreativeFriends has sent us some videos and images from various LEGO themes such as Castle, City, Legends of Chima, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and The Lone Ranger. YCF notes that the Marvel and DC Universe sets were strictly off-limits to any photography. Attendees to the LEGO VIP Collector’s Event received a couple of gifts including a Yoda minifigure standing on the sidewalk wearing a white “NY I Love” sweater. The other gift was a carded Darth Vader minifigure wearing a medal from the The Empire Strikes Out animated show. Check out all of YourCreativeFriends’ videos to see which set(s) you might be wanting to pick up later this year.

2013 New York Toy Fair Exclusive


LEGO 2013 Castle King’s Castle (70404) Revealed


Last year, many LEGO fans were excited to hear that the LEGO Castle theme will be making it’s return in 2013. The German Toy Fair in Nuremberg has kicked off and Joe Meno of BrickJournal is there and has taken pictures of the new LEGO Castle sets for Brickset. Here you can see the box art of the King’s Castle (70404) set. There are also many minifigures displayed from the renewed Castle line. The Castle line is set to return August 2013. What are your first impressions of the set on the box and the closeups of the minifigures?

From German toy fair From German toy fair

Update: Flickr user, Fedro Photo has taken a picture of the actual King’s Castle set as well as a side view of the Dragon Mountain (70403) set. In the background, you can see a glimpse of The Gatehouse Raid (70402).

LEGO Castle King's Castle (70404) LEGO Castle Dragon Mountain (70403)

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