LEGO 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290)

We now have a better a better look at the 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) set courtesy of the January 2018 LEGO Store Calendar. We now know that it will be available from January 28 – February 14 here in the US giving you over two weeks to get your hands on it. You can get it for free with a purchase of $125 or more, while supplies last. I’m sure that this set will go very quickly as this is one of the best promotional items that LEGO has released in recent years.

Unlike the previous widely released individual homage promotional sets like the Classic Spaceman Minifigure (5002812), Classic Pirates Minifigure (5003082), and Classic Knights Minifigure (5004419) which used minifigures along with small builds, this new set focuses more on actual sets that LEGO has released in the past. The themes are focused in this set are Town, Castle, Pirates, and Space and the builds are based on the Airport Shuttle (6399), Castle (375), Black Seas Barracuda (6285), and Space Cruiser And Moonbase (928). With 421 pieces, there’s enough to have all four micro builds built at the same time without taking the other ones apart.

The 60 Years of the LEGO Brick (40290) set is way better than the Building Bigger Thinking theme that we’ll be getting next year that also celebrates the anniversary of the brick. As I mentioned before, fans will definitely want to pick it up and I have a feeling that it will sell out before the promo period ends. How many of you have the original sets that are featured in this one?

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